anglerads banner exchange title

Welcome to the Angler Ads Banner Exchange!

Angler Ads is a FREE banner exchange, very much like any other banner exchange on the web except we have a few unique differences.

We only allow fishing related sites to join as we want your ad banners to be viewed by your target audience, Anglers!

So, that means that your visitors don't have to see any ads for a new credit card or great rates on home loans, Just Fishing!

This idea is not new, we have been doing it on our sites for quite some time now as we did not want our visitors to be bothered by non-fishing advertisements.

We don't push just one choice at you for banner size as we understand that not everyone likes the large or small banners.

So we let you choose which size banner you want to use, either 468x60 pixels or 400x40 pixels.

In addition to the size selection we allow either size banner to be up to 20K in size, twice as large as a lot of other exchanges.

The way that the exchange works with the different banner sizes is that if you sign up with a 400x40pixel banner then that is the size banner that will be shown on your site and the same for if you join with the larger banner.

The exchange operates at a display exposure rate of 1 to 1.

Meaning for every exposure that your site displays, your sites banner earns 1 exposure on another members site.

Angler Ads is owned and operated by Paul Smith who also owns BASS on HOOK, North American Fishing Guides, Fishy Links Search Engine, The Bass on Hook Fishing Auction and Bass on Hook Top 50 Fishing Sites.

What does this mean to you?

That's easy, we already have the visitor base that you want being generated by 5 other fishing sites that are already established.

So what are you waiting for?

Start increasing your fishing sites exposure and traffic today!

Just select the appropriate link in the navbar at the top of the page to the banner size that you want to use and choose the add new account option and add your information then click edit.

Keep in mind your account will still need to be approved when you join and if you are not within our policies or guidelines we will remove your account without notification.

Your banner code can still be added to your webpage(s) and earn exposures until you're approved.